Love Affair

A Weekend Engagement for Love, Sex, & Relationships

April 27 & 28, 2019

San Francisco Bay Area

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Love Affair

... is a weekend of workshops, classes, and discussions focused on Love, Sex, & Relationships.

Each workshop is 90 minutes long. There are 29 workshop/discussoin slots throughout the weekend, up to 3 workshops happening at the same time.
There are 19 workshop/discussion slots on Saturday, and 12 workshop/discussion slots on Sunday.

Here are a few of the titles of our featured workshops:

  • HeartSpeak: Emotional Intimacy, Human Connection

  • Sex & Intimacy in Parenthood

  • Speaking Your Empowering No

  • Sexual Fitness

  • Non-Monogamy 101

  • Erotic Writing

  • Boundaries and Unfolding Desires

  • Couples Massage

  • Consent Discussion

  • Design/Redesign Your Relationship

  • Talking with Your Kids about Love, Sex, & Relationships

  • Intimacy/Relatedness Games

  • Physiology/Anatomy for Kink

  • Shibari 101

  • Sensation Play

*Exact times and workshops have not yet been finalized, and are subject to change.

Saturday starts at 10:30am and ends by 12 midnight.
Sunday starts at 10:30am and ends by 8:30pm.
Participants are not expected to stay for the entire time, and we encourage taking breaks from workshops throughout the weekend as needed.


Concerning the phrase "falling in love"

"Falling, because it's a natural thing. It happens when we're not paying attention, it's what happens naturally when [we] relax and surrender to the forces at play."

Steve Yang  |  Co-Founder

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Instructors & Speakers

We are bringing together a team of the best coaches, educators, and speakers from the Bay Area to offer an enlightening and empowering experience. This page will be updated as they are confirmed, so check back for updates!


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Dr. Felicia Cosey

Workshops: Speaking Your Empowering No; Self Love: Your Key to Personal Power; HeartSpeak: Emotional Intimacy, Human Connection

For over 25 years, Felicia Williams Cosey, Ph.D., has traveled the globe creating and facilitating life-changing workshops on love, intimacy and sexuality.  As an entrepreneur and business owner ( , Felicia helps people quickly discover the missing ingredient in self-love as well as the key to loving, effective and lasting partnerships.  As a coach, she excels in assisting people in their personal growth, especially in dealing with issues of life transitions, relationship challenges, career change, and developing self-love and personal power.

Dr. Williams Cosey is an expert in both love and business relationships.  She brings a unique balance of business development savvy and compassionate coaching to skillfully guide entrepreneurs and career professionals who are ready to live their biggest, boldest vision of life and business success. She is an Interpersonal Dynamics group facilitator at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she delights in supporting current and future leaders in authentic human communication.

As described by her clients: “Felicia is a smart, perceptive and intuitive coach who is extremely skillful. She has the rare ability to hone in on the issue immediately, then guide her clients through exercises which help change their patterns. Felicia listens and asks the right questions; she has an amazing array of tools, skills and experience at her disposal.


Dr. Carol Queen

Workshops: Consent Discussion; Common Misunderstandings about Sex; How to Orgasm for Women (and Other People with Clits and Vaginas)

Dr. Carol Queen [] is staff sexologist and Company Historian at Good Vibrations, the women-founded sex shop, where she has worked since 1990. She is the lead author on The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone. A noted cultural sexologist whose work has been widely published, she's written or edited several other books as well, including Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture, Exhibitionism for the Shy, and The Leather Daddy and the Femme. She has been speaking publicly about sexuality for over 40 years. She has addressed many conferences; she frequently speaks to college as well as general and specialized audiences. In addition to all this, Queen co-founded the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco.


Lorina Manzanita

Workshops: Boundaries & Unfolding Desires; NonMonogamy 101; Grounded in Love: MindBody Skills for Navigating NonMonogamy Gracefully

Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP has been professionally helping people get comfortable in their own skins since 1998. She is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach & certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner, writer, teacher and workshop facilitator. She has facilitated workshops at Touch&Play in MA, Naked Heart at Burning Man, throughout the SF Bay Area and in Maui.
Her work integrates a number of healing systems that honor mindfulness and the body's intelligence. Her influences include (but are not limited to) Somatica© Sex & Relationship coaching, Somatic Experiencing© , the Hendricks relationship coaching, Shakti Malan Somatic Sexual Presencing, Couples Counseling with Hakomi, healing developmental trauma with Diane Poole Heller and Larry Heller and CoActive Coaching with CTI. She’s also a JFK University graduate.
Her work is unique in that she brings her authentic, vulnerable, embodied erotic being into the room with those in her care. With Lorina, intimacy skills are learned in an embodied way, in real time, with compassionate support and guidance.
She is based in the the SF Bay Area and is available for long distance support as well. She offers complimentary 30 min discovery sessions via phone/Skype for those exploring the possibility of working with her. You can learn more about her at

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Yasmina Porter

Workshops: Mixer/Getting to Know You; Intimacy & Relatedness Games; Couples Massage

Yasmina is a mindful dating coach, fulbright scholar, dancer, and, dance historian. More extensive bio coming soon!


Airial Clark

Workshops: Coming Out Conversations; Talking with Kids about Love, Sex, & Relationships; Sex & Intimacy in Parenthood

Airial Clark, MA is a proudly Queer, Oakland based parenting resource and sexual health educator. She created the online parent education resource, The Sex-Positive Parent in 2012 after completing her Master's degree in human sexuality studies at San Francisco State University. Ms. Clark is a contributing author for several award-winning online media outlets including the Good Vibrations Magazine, Shades Magazine, and the print anthology Radical Families where she writes on the intersections of parenting and sexuality. She has been interviewed as a parenting expert for international radio programs such as the American Sex Podcast and Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino. In collaboration with organizations, including Gender Spectrum, the Center for Sex and Culture, and the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality, Airial has led workshops throughout North America where she provides parents and caregivers with the tools they need to become the resident sexuality expert for their families. For more information about Airial Clark and The Sex-Positive Parent visit:


Reika Faust

Workshops: Intro to Kink; Anatomy/Physiology for Kink; Sensation Play

Reika has been an educator within the Bay Area BDSM/Kink scene for the past 5 years.  She’s taught classes ranging from Dungeon Introduction, consent, impact play, M/s D/s dynamics and many more.   She is the Orientation Director for Society of Janus, a BDSM educational and support non-profit organization whose primary mission is to create a community for individuals to explore and claim their own BDSM path.  She hosts an array of different play parties and events throughout the year, providing a safe space for individuals to navigate and blossom in the next chapters of their kink journey.  She has presented lectures and demonstrations about BDSM at a number of universities, conferences and organizations looking to learn more about alternative sexualities and alternative sexuality practices. 

While Reika’s own personal leather journey began publicly 7 years ago, she is a firm believer that education is constantly ongoing.  She is always eager to learn new tricks of the trade and hear from other people’s experiences, valuing the knowledge of others.   Reika believes that there is no “one way” or “true way” to claim your kink, but exploring safely and having the basic foundation of knowledge is essential for BDSM play.  You are only limited by your imagination and the path to discovery is unforgettable. 


Brandon Chien

Workshop: Sexual Fitness

Brandon coaches Olympic Weightlifting and is a Movement practitioner in the East Bay. He is also a Wilderness Survival Instructor, Sex Hacking Nerd, and "Happy Asian Male".



Workshop: Shibari 101

David is a self-taught bondage instructor who learned from a variety of teachers, including a world-renowed Shibari master in Tokyo. He made a love connection with his wife on their first date after a night of bondage. He incorporates the lessons of love and trust from his relationship to help bring other couples closer together through this form of sensual play.

Ernestine Aquino

Workshops: Create Your Dream Relationship; Design/Redesign Your Relationship

Ernestine (Ernie) Aquino is committed to empowering women and men to live a life they design, a life that rocks! She started her business, Live a Designer Life Programs, to do just that. She enables individuals to elevate their communication, relationships, and effectiveness through coaching, workshops, and unique events.

She manifested a dream relationship and was inspired to share what she did with others so they could do the same. She now leads her Create Your Dream Relationship, a powerful one-day workshop that provides value and results for men and women. This workshop and others are offered in the Bay Area and online for select groups.

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Marnika Shelton

Workshops: Toy Creation Workshop; Safe Sex & Toys

Marnika Shelton is an African-American Artist specializing in figurative sculpture. Her work focuses on political and cultural paradigms facing 21st century Black America. Combing the media, history and cultural consciousness she weaves intensely poetic and poignant narratives.
An engaging, vibrant, creative artist, educator and activist with have over 25 years of experience in the Fine Arts. Classically trained in sculpture and specializing in figurative ceramics and portraiture, Marnika uses the visual arts as a platform to drive home complex, layered and controversial narratives designed to engage the viewer in conversations that challenge social and cultural norms around race, gender, sexuality, class and religion. Taking on topics such as indoctrination and historical prejudice, recreating stories from unexplored angles to expose longstanding impacts on society. Views of masculinity, prejudice, violence, how fear creates difference and eradicating shame around sexuality are all within the scope of her work.
Owner of Nika Cherrelle’s LLC & Host of The “It” Cast: Real Talk on Sex, Marnika enjoys speaking in communities, classrooms and institutions about Art, Sexuality and Politics. Her work exists to empower and inspire people across all cultural backgrounds. With a thriving studio arts practice, making is an integral part of who she is. By breaking down taboo, she aims to create a world where all people feel loved, honored and respected.


Steve Yang

Workshops: Erotic Writing; Care Manual for You

As a Relationship Coach, Steve has years upon years of training and experience in the realms of empowerment, communication, relationships, leadership, and management. He uses his sharp intuition to dig deep with his clients so they can really see what’s stopping them from having everything they want. Then he crafts assignments so they are in action.

Found on Steve’s dating profile:
“I’m fun, silly, spontaneous, and outgoing. I enjoy creative, social things like partner dancing and acroyoga. I also enjoy things that require teamwork, like paintballing. I’m an atheist that understands the usefulness of religion and spirituality. Human minds and bodies fascinate me, I’m always willing to learn more about how we move and think. I enjoy activities that combine both of these, like martial arts, tennis, solo dancing…”


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